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This is the capital city in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. It
is called the Queen City as it is named after Queen Victoria whose middle
name is Regina. It was originally known as "Pile 'O Bones" because of
all of the buffalo and cow bones found there.

There are 185,000 people living there and the closest major city or huge
body of water is at least 2 days drive away. The people in Regina are
very down to earth and it has a vibrant creative community.

Regina follows the London model for town planning (as do most colonial
cities) in that it has a lake running through it to divide the north and
south. They even had to make a lake as there was not a natural one
running through the city. It is also the Canadian headquarters for
the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Regina is difficult to get to but if you visit make sure you stay for
a few weeks so you can really get a feel for it.

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