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Hey! It's ol' smiley - fullmoon Howlin' Wolf Tal here, comin' at you, larger than life itself, on 42 FM

This is h2g2 Radio. We still partyin', and, baby, this joint is jumpin'

We been officially on the air for 'bout a week, and our studio engineers have been tryin' real hard to stay sober enough to keep them lights flashin' and them turntables turnin'

And friends that just ain't as easy as it sounds, cause we still a bit short-handed down here, and the good folks who own these studios are mighty generous with the smiley - ale and smiley - bubbly not to mention the smiley - stiffdrink

And food? Well, there's more than enough smiley - cakesmiley - donut and smiley - cupcake and even smiley - burger and smiley - hotdog, both regular and vegetarian

Those nice folks even laid on a good supply of my favourite, smiley - strawberries

The only thing they seem a bit short on, I have to say, is the cash money

But they so darn good-hearted and all, it is a pure pleasure just workin' for food

And, friends, ol' smiley - fullmoonHowlin' Wolf Tal is truly grateful to that judge for fixin' me up with this gig, 'cause it sure beats breakin' rocks

So don't you go cryin' by yourself tonight Ain't no use you feelin' lonely, feelin' sad 'cause your one and only walked out on you this mornin' When you lose one lover pretty soon another and a better come right along

Now, like I alway say: Everybody gets the blues. I mean, everybody - every now and then. And just 'cause you got the blues, ain't no reason to think you the only one. You know someone else, somewhere else, has got more reason than you to feel sad and lonely, and when you listen to the Blues, you know thats true, and somehow it just don't hurt so bad

Arrooohhh, Konagh, the white wolf!

And if you got the blues tonight, baby, you ain't alone - you just get youself settled with a nice cold drink, and maybe something to munch, and let ol smiley - fullmoonHowlin' Wolf Tal soothe your soul with some tender tunes, and ease your mind with some righteous rap

Or better yet, hitch on down to h2g2 Radio, FM 42 Come on down and join the party... you might meet that special someone right here

Just tell 'em at the Studio gate that smiley - fullmoon Howlin' Wolf Tal sent you a special invite

Oh, and I would appreciate it if you brought along a hacksaw, so's I can get these handcuffs off

The deputies were in kind of a humorous mood, and, hey, I appreciate a good joke too, but I really drank a lot of smiley - ale tonight, and I would like to take a little... break smiley - erm

But if you can't come visit, well...

The lines are open, call me up.

The boss says you got to request a Blues song no one else has already requested this evening, and then you can talk about anything you like

And if you answer the Blues Question, you win extra smiley - cake and smiley - choc , or smiley - ale if you want, and ol' smiley - fullmoon Howlin' Wolf Tal will play a special song just for you

smiley - fullmoonHowlin' Wolf Tal is here to play the Blues, and talk with you, on this beautiful starry night -- And if I can't come to the 'phone, just rap with another caller smiley - winkeye

While I'm waitin' for you to call, here's two of my favourite people, singin' one of my favourite songs: It's BB King and Dr John - 'there must be a better world somewhere'

And if you can't find a hacksaw, maybe you could bring one of them bobby pinssmiley - grovel

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