Perseids Project Results - 2001

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The Perseides Meteor Shower

We're hoping for clear skies during the second annual h2g2 Perseids meteor shower project. Last year we had a total of nine Researchers who spent a combined 15 hours watching the skies.

What will this year bring?

Reports for August 12/13

We'll use this space to print anecdotal information and the names of those who were able to spot any meteors on the night of August 12/13.

Data for August 12/13

This chart shows the names of Researchers, their total observed meteors and their total time spent observing the shower for the night of August 12/13.

ResearcherTotal MeteorsTotal Hours ObservedMeteors per hour

Weather-impaired Researchers

This chart will list the names of those unfortunate souls who suffered with cloudy conditions:

ResearcherMissed observing

Thanks for the effort everyone!

Contributing Researchers

1If she remembers!

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