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The period in between school, where you are a school child, and work, where you are an adult, is filled with period in the human life known as the Student years.
During this period ( which can last for decades in some cases ) the Student will be forced to live by a strict code of conduct. During this period they will not be allowed to spend money on anything except for alcohol, bathe on a regular basis, use their common sense, engage anyone in a conversation of any interest, clean, wash up, use a vacuum cleaner or participate in the advancement of the human species.
They will however be allowed to relish in the following:complaining that they have no money ( this is because they spent it all on alcohol ), cultivating the most foul and oppresive odour ( a cross twixt mould and oxtail soup ), zit farming, hair rights ( for the girls pig tails and bunches, for the boys a sad four haired beard/sideburn combo ), talking very loudly about a subject they think they understand (although they very rarely do ), and generally being a drain on all of society.
Although this period in life must end, many of todays social and mental health problems can be traced directly back to the Student years.
Please be careful.

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