Saturday Night Blues with ~Howlin' Wolf ~Tal

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Sat, 11th August 2001

Not Lucille!

You say you got no date this fine Saturday night? You feelin' lonely? You feelin' sad 'cause your one and only walked out? Are you so dog down bottom looks like up?

Now, everybody gets the blues. I mean, everybody - now and then. But just 'cause you got the blues, ain't no reason to think you the only one. That's what the Blues is for: You know someone else feels the way you do, and somehow it just don't hurt so bad

Arrooohhh, Konagh, the white wolf!

And if you got the blues tonight, you ain't really alone - you just get youself settled with a nice cold drink, and maybe something to munch, and let ol smiley - Howlin' Wolf Tal soothe your soul with some tender tunes, and ease your mind with some righteous rap

And if there ever comes a time when you by yourself, and you can't find no Blues to listen to, you can remember some of the fine songs I played for you tonight, and you can hum, or whistle, or even sing a bit yourself. And every time you do, when you're feelin' blue, the Blues gonna make you feel better

So, baby, ease on back, relax, and listen to some of the greatest Blues by some of the greatest talents, young and old; new and not-so-new

The lines are open, call me up, request a Blues song no one else has already requested this evening, and talk about anything you like. smiley - Howlin' Wolf Tal is here to play the Blues, and talk with you, on this beautiful Saturday night -- And if I can't come to the 'phone, just rap with another caller smiley -

While I'm waitin' for you to call, here's two of my favourite people, singin' one of my favourite songs: It's BB King and Dr John - 'there must be a better world somewhere'

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