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"Anything that happens, happens.

Anything that, in happening, causes something

else to happen, causes something else to happen.

Anything that, in happening causes itself to happen again, happens again.

It doesn't necessarily happen in chronological order, though."

-Douglas Adams

Welcome everyone to Plato's personal space! Please bear with me as this space is still under construction. I am contemplating many different ways to outfit this page to suit my tastes. So sit back, Relax, Mind the large piles of sawdust, read the Post and help yourself to some smiley - or some smiley - *

-Platosmiley -

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Hi, Plato! You're Really, Really Cool!...

Some Things you should (or shouldn't) know about me

Actually I live in Florida, where it is always blazingly hot!
I'm a Teen, and I'm greatly interested in Philosophy, Art, Swimming, Soccer, European Culture, Computers, animals, and pens(I'm the Keeper of Missing Ballpoint Pens). I'm a Hardcore Christian, and member of The H2H2 Prayer Team. Oh, and by the way,


Royal Procrastinator's Society

I finally got around to joining The Royal Procrastinator's Society!
I would invite you to join, but I think I'll do it tomorrow. Just remember...

"I'll do it momentarily."

Film Reviews

I happen to run a film review section! Isn't that convenient...
I have quite a few films on my list already,
and that list is growing all the time.
I will give each movie a certain number of smiley - s
where 1 is poor and 5 is Excellent.
See the list to the right for a bunch of movies.

smiley - If You have a movie you wish to be reviewed, or your own review of a movie, then drop me a line at the bottom.smiley -

Kingdom of Balwyniti

Yipee! I'm the Royalazy Mage's apprentice in the kingdom of Balwyniti!! Please enter
My Chambers
Foom!smiley - Whoohoo!smiley - *Hears footsteps and hides wand* Uh-Oh!smiley -

Good Friends

Here is a list of all my good friends here on h2g2.

Goo is hoopiest!

This page looks a lot better in Classic Goo!

Or See it in Alabaster, If you're so inclined *whispers* Wierdo...

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Fish Tank

Fish Tank

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