Cleveland Rocks-A Guide to The Drew Carey Show

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This entry is a guide to one of my most favorite TV shows..well, ever. The Drew Carey Show.
The show is about a guy, also named Drew Carey, who lives in Cleveland. He's a normal guy, has a normal job, hangs out with his not-so-normal friends, Lewis (Ryan Stiles) and Oswald (Diedrich Bader). He has a girlfriend, Kate (played by Christa Miller) who is his friend and at the same time his girlfriend. The hilarity comes in the workplace, where Drew suffers under the rule of his 'evil' English boss, Nigel Wick (Craig Ferguson), and has to endure the likes of the horribly-made-up Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney). Drew and Mimi have an epic feud, the results of which end up placing Drew in China, big fights with Silly String, and other such moments. Now Drew has to deal with Mimi even more since she married his cross-dressing brother, Steve (John Carroll Lynch).
Drew also has a lot of fun hanging out with Lewis and Oswald, and running a brewery for their entreprenuial brainchild-Buzz Beer. A lot of times, episodes start with Lewis and Oswald getting a stupid idea trying to promote Buzz Beer, and it's up to Drew to get them out of their mess.
The Drew Carey Show is also famous for their big dance numbers, some of which you can see in the beginning credits of the show.
Now here's a guide to the people of The Drew Carey Show.
Drew Carey: He's a normal guy-he's nice, has a middle-management job at the Winfred-Louder department store (assistant manager of personnel), normal house. When he needs to relax, he heads to the Warsaw Tavern to have a beer with his friends. Again, a pretty normal guy-probably the sanest one of the bunch.
Lewis: Lewis is really tall, and probably the smarter when paired with his friend Oswald. He lives with Oswald above the Warsaw. They get into a lot of trouble all the time, mostly ideas that seemed good at the time, but went horribly, horribly wrong.
Oswald: Oswald is well, a bit stupid. That's pretty much it. =)
Kate: Kate is Drew's girlfriend-it turned out that until a few months ago, they'd been friends ever since junior high, and Drew had loved her ever since then. So, they got together. Kate is pretty. That's all I can think of about her. Oh yeah-she works in the same company as Drew but in a different area.
Mimi: Mimi is Drew's arch-enemy. She loves to make fun of Drew and humiliate him in any way. She also dresses really....unusually and wears a lot of makeup. A LOT of makeup.
Mr.Wick: Mr.Wick is the boss. He's part of the Board of Directors, and is from England. To be honest, he's a pompous, egogistical idiot. He loves to fire people in cruelly amusing ways. He also has a not-so-secret crush on Kate. Take this little exchange from one of the episodes:

Kate: Well, thanks for helping me out with Drew, Mr.Wick.
Wick: Oh, it was nothing.
Kate: Yeah, that was really nice of you.
Wick: I love you.
Kate: What?
Wick: Nothing, nothing.

It gets out.
Anyway, he's set his sights on self-improvement now.
Steve: Steve is Drew's cross-dressing brother. He ends up marrying Mimi, which is horrible for Drew. Other than that, he's a very normal guy, but is sort of proper.

Well, there you go! A whole definition of The Drew Carey Show. Since I'm from America, I don't know if they show it in Britain. But I can tell you when and where they show it in America.
The Drew Carey show aires every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM on ABC.
Go watch it! =)

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