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from the latin word 'Poopure' meaning 'Stick Race' the Roman's brought us this wonderful game known today as poo sticks. It is said that the game itself dates back to before christ with roman leader Julius Cesar betting one of his minnows 'Pathagus' that his spear was faster and stronger than his servants because he was emperor. Cesar bet Pathagus £30 that his stick was faster, so in Monet's Garden in France the two stood on a bridge which was built over a stream and tossed their spears into the water, millions watched in anticipation mouths wide open as the current took the spears under the bridge. The 2 contenders raced to the other side of the bridge and peered down waiting for the sticks to appear in the water but just a big smelly eel swam by, Pathagus' stick was dyed red by the blood of an ox to distinguish it from his rival's. After waiting for 4days and 2nights one of the spears finally appeared, it was Cesar's so he went to the nearest swimming pool and celebrated his winnings. Pathagus waited for a further 3 days and he noticed an eel coughing in the shallows, and with one massive wrench the eel coughed up a red spear. Pathagus eventually took his life, ironically with the same spear, for if he had won the bet, £30 would have been enough money to buy his freedom and a cat.

To recreate this game today, all you need is a few sticks, friends, a bridge and a stream. Try and pick a variation of different sticks so that it is easy to tell which one is which. Throw the sticks in the water and go to the other side of the bridge to see who has won. whoever's stick is the fastest should be held aloft by the other contender(s)' (not thrown in the water though). And their name must be chanted for several days.

tips: use a stick that looks fast
throw rocks at your opponents sticks
push them in the water(won't really help you win, but will
make you feel better if you lose)

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