Mormons and what to do about them

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The following is a question and answer session that has been printed down here for all those people who are curious about Mormonism but too afraid to ask.

Question, "what do I do if I come in contact with a Mormon?"

Answer, "Don’t do anything different than if you would come in contact with someone else. They are not bad tempered although they can be a bit strange from time to time. Or at least strange sounding to those of us who have not been raised Mormon or have Mormon friends."

Tips, If you want to have many wives than Mormonism might not be the rout to go down. Yes this is one misconception about their beliefs and anyone who has more than one wife is usually excommunicated from the Church. These days usually only Mormon fundamentalists believe in the practice of multiple wives. It is like wife swap gone mad among many of them although they don’t actually switch off from night to night."

Question, "Who was Joseph Smith and what does he have to do with all this Mormon stuff?"

Answer, "Well the Mormons believe that he was there prophet and yes he actually believed what he said and actually lived in America. He published the first known copies of the Book of Mormon in 1830 and he claimed he translated it from the golden plates. Mormons believe that the book of Mormon is another witness of Jesus Christ just like and as they say "Comparable to the Bible" and they can be seen in many TV commercials claiming this. The book is believed to be a literal translation of the words of God that has been a record of the dealings of God with pre-Columbian natives of the American people."

Question, "What was Joseph Smith Jr. All about and was he dangerous?"

Answer, "Well that is a very complicated and interesting question and we will go into that right now. He was the leader of the original Mormonism and an important figure during the 1820's and 1830's. He claimed the book of Mormon was translated from golden plates gave to him by an angle. He lived in Kirtland Ohio during the 1820's and left when the financial costs of building a church became too high. He was latter killed by a mob and killed."

Question, "So to recap you are saying that the Mormons believe the book of Mormon really tells of a correspondence between God and the Native Americans? Also it describes the ministry of Jesus Christ after his resurrection ?"

Answer, "More or less yes."

So in general you should act normally around Mormons and never really mention the Mormon war in 1838. That would be in really bad taste, or you should not mention all the concept of the Garden of Eden being established in Jackson county Missouri. Joseph Smith claimed that his followers should create a city of Zion and so the wars began that lasted for three years. This is as I have said, a social mistake. It is the equivalent of mentioning the holocaust to the Jewish people.

If your would like more information of Mormons the TV show South Park has created an episode called "All About Mormons" and it actually shows what they believe in.

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