The English Language: Irregular Verbs

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In the English Language, the past simple and past participle forms of some verbs don't follow the usual pattern of conjugation. The following is a list of these irregular verbs.

InfinitivePast SimplePast Participle
to abideabodeabode
to arise arose arisen
to awakeawokeawoke, awaked
to bewas, werebeen
to bear boreborn, borne
to beat beatbeaten, beat
to becomebecamebecome
to befallbefellbefallen
to begetbegotbegot, begotten
to beginbeganbegun
to beholdbeheldbeheld
to bendbent bent
to betbetbet
to bidbade, bidbidden, bid
to bindboundbound
to bite bitbitten
to bleedbledbled
to blowblewblown
to breakbroke broken
to breedbredbred
to bringbroughtbrought
to buildbuiltbuilt
to burnburnt, burnedburnt, burned
to burstburstburst
to buyboughtbought
to cast castcast
to catchcaughtcaught
to choosechosechosen
to cleavecleftcleft, cloven
to clingclungclung
to comecamecome
to costcostcost
to creepcreptcrept
to cutcutcut
to dealdealtdealt
to digdugdug
to do diddone
to draw drewdrawn
to dreamdreamt, dreameddreamt, dreamed
to drinkdrankdrunk
to drivedrovedriven
to dwelldweltdwelt
to eatateeaten
to fallfellfallen
to feed fedfed
to feelfeltfelt
to fightfoughtfought
to findfoundfound
to fleefledfled
to flingflungflung
to flyflewflown
to forbidforbadeforbidden
to forecastforecastforecast
to forgetforgotforgotten
to forgiveforgaveforgiven
to forsakeforsookforsaken
to freezefroze frozen
to getgotgot, gotten
to givegavegiven
to gowentgone
to grindgroundground
to growgrewgrown
to handhunghung, hanged
to have had had
to hearheardheard
to hewhewedhewn
to hidehidhidden, hid
to hithithit
to holdheld held
to hurthurthurt
to keep keptkept
to kneelkneltknelt
to knitknitknit
to knowknewknown
to laylaidlaid
to leadledled
to leapleaptleapt
to leaveleftleft
to lendlentlent
to letlet let
to lielaylain
to lightlit, lightedlit, lighted
to loselostlost
to makemademade
to meanmeantmeant
to meetmet met
to mislaymislaidmislaid
to misleadmisledmisled
to mistakemistookmistaken
to mowmowedmown
to paypaidpaid
to putputput
to readreadread
to rend rentrent
to rideroderidden
to ringrangrung
to riseroserisen
to runranrun
to sawsawedsawn
to say saidsaid
to seesawseen
to seeksoughtsought
to sellsoldsold
to sendsentsent
to setsetset
to sewsewedsewn
to shakeshookshaken
to shearshearedshorn
to shedshedshed
to shineshoneshone
to shoeshodshod
to shootshotshot
to showshowedshown
to shrinkshrank, shrunkshrunk, shrunken
to shutshutshut
to singsangsung
to sinksank, sunksunk
to sitsatsat
to slayslewslain
to sleepsleptslept
to slink slunkslunk
to smitesmotesmitten
to sowsowedsown
to speakspokespoken
to spendspentspent
to spillspilled, spilt spilled, spilt
to spinspunspun
to spitspat, spitspat, spit
to spoilspoilt, spoiledspoilt, spoiled
to spreadspreadspread
to springsprangsprung
to standstoodstood
to stealstolestolen
to stickstuckstuck
to stingstungstung
to stinkstank, stunkstunk
to strikestruckstruck
to strivestrovestriven
to swearsworesworn
to sweatsweatsweat
to sweepsweptswept
to swellswelled swollen
to swimswamswum
to swingswungswung
to taketooktaken
to teachtaught taught
to teartore torn
to telltoldtold
to thinkthoughtthought
to thrivethrovethriven
to throwthrewthrown
to thrustthrustthrust
to treadtrode, trodtrod, trodden
to understandunderstoodunderstood
to upsetupsetupset
to wakewokewoke, woken
to wearworeworn
to weavewovewoven
to weepweptwept
to winwon won
to windwoundwound
to withdrawwithdrewwithdrawn
to wringwrung wrung
to writewrotewritten

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