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Here are the targets that I think h2g2 should aim to have achieved by the end of 2010. Some of them are eminently achievable but others would require notable (but not that difficult) shifts in the current bbc's attitude towards us.

Number of active researchers

I think that a minimum of 750 active writers should be found. I define active as writing an entry for PR, the post, AWW or otherwise contributing (Aviators, artwork etc) every two months. Assuming 1/2 went to PR that would mean 5 or 6 new posts to PR every day.

Number of edited entries

These should be increasing by 3 *a day* - if 5/6 entries enter PR a day then it should be possible to send out 3 a day - certainly if at weekends no entries are posted.

Number of Eds

One ed is not enough to keep us going. 5 eds, properly trained up would allow entries to be dealt with and the site maintained expertly. Asking one ed to deal with entries, fix problems with the website and then try to change to adapt with moving times is not only impossible but unfair.


the beeb needs to vastly increase its funding of h2g2. Alternative funding sources would also be nice, though I would not like any old advertising on the website. Perhaps the DNA franchise could be advertised on the front page, though whether the beeb would allow this I don't know.

Outside attention

I can see that allowing internal links to be picked up increases our "visibility" but there are other things that can be done to help the flow of new hootooers. Links to several parts of the beeb would be helpful, such as entries that are relevant to news articles could be linked in.

In an attached point to this - 3 lines on the front page really isn't sufficient. Perhaps once a week a greater amount of publicity could be given to us - come to think of it this could be done to all the sections of the front page that aren't main stream (entertainment and news).

More general offsite activity

scheduled meets should be increased to once a month in different places (obviously most wouldn't attend more than a couple a year). If we had more eds then they could take over running these again. Also more researchers would ensure higher attendance and so encourage more to be held.

There are many many ways to improve a brilliant site but here are just a few. Personally I think the best would be the increase in researchers - this would increase our presence, force the beeb to help more and make the site far more active.
Saying that we cant get more researchers (ones that stay for more than a day or two) without help.

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