Sink or Swim Grin and Bare It

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An emotion synonymous
With H2o happiness
I’m supposing that somewhere
There is a whole ocean
Of emotion.
Fed by The waterfalls
that start as a giggle ,
Picking up speed into,
rapids of helpless laughter,

Every one ought to kayak,
once in a while during a smile ,
Bath in a laugh. soak in a joke

Dive head first
into a lake of enjoyment ,
paddle in puddles
of good feeling
Bathe with mirth’s flannel
rinse your hair
There In canals
of good memories

See all with joys harmonies
its free, To be
Happy glad or gay
but hey

Somewhere in amongst
the pools of thought ,
and whirlpools of anguish
Are the green seas of envy ,
fed by red rivers of distrust ,
Streams of anger
Ditches of despair
don’t or wont care snot fair
That’s why , tributaries
Are necessary ,
for guilt’s quilt of misery
To be free flowing
going away
Carried far by
Tides of snide remarks

Knowing this this
Sadness of internal confession ,
This torment of tempestuous
Temper tantrums
will lead grief
The thief of happiness and contentment ,
resentment that
Unsettled sediment of anger mean it will
Be a cold cold sea ,
A black green sea ,
A salty sea
From all of those dark thought
Assaulted by
An assortment of fears.

So don’t fill a pond
With your tears
Be fond of a smile or a grin ,
To begin with
Be nice not like ice ,
give cheer not fear
Then soon will appear ,
A powerful potion
An ocean of emotion,
That will sing in the rain
Whistle in the wind ,
Bring laughter and joy
Not destruct and destroy

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