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Has anyone else noticed that it is impossible to go from one part of Ikea to another with circumnavigating the entire store? I believe there is a sinister plot in operation which forces all Ikea patrons to look at all the other funky stuff in the store, and not just go straight to the bit they need. I know of some people who go in for a paper lampshade and come out with a new kitchen, bed settee and a comically named wine glass set. We must fight back! when entering Ikea, put on a blindfold and ask a member of staff to lead you to where you need to be. Maybe even pretend to be blind. Or fight fire with fire, and re-route delivery lorries all around the british motorway network (and maybe Holland's too), and see how they like it... That said, however, I can't get enough of their funky paper lampshades and stuff. Great for setting up a home on a very tight budget. Cheap extension cables, as well...

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