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The sign of the Saint

Whatever their age, everyone knows of The Saint. If you're a youngster, you probably know him from the recent movie, or maybe Ian Ogilvie in 'The Return of The Saint' or the inimitable Roger Moore, complete with his two expressions.1 The really old (or those who watch too much daytime TV) might even remember George Raft in a host of black and white films from the forties. Of course, the true afficionado will eschew all this effete presentation and get their Saint fix through the One True Media(tm) - books.

The Saint has been in print from his first appearance in 1928 to his last in 1997.2 Like James Bond, he is one of those heroes who never grow old - and except where technical limitations give the game away, his adventures don't appear to date.

Main characters

Well, we have to start with at our hero. His intials 'S.T.' not only provide his nickname, but also a frequent alter ego: Sebastian Tombs. The Saint has many sterling qualities: a pilot, a skilled and deadly fighter with guns, knives, and barehanded, fluent in many languages, a fine collection of passports, a fast driver...the list goes on. His sartorial elegance is also worthy of note - not only can he perform a complete change of clothing apparently in the time it takes to walk out of a room and back in again, anything he wears is worn with such a style as to have been made especially for him, and will always appear brand new.

Simon Templar first appears in 'The Saint Meets The Tiger' - Agatha Christie meets John Buchan - where he meets, and irretrievable falls for Patricia Holm.

Patricia Holm



Roger Conway

Rayt Marius

Claude Eustace Teal

Early works



Leslie Charteris

Spoiler Warning

1Hat on, and hat off2Purists might say 1963 - the last book written entirely by Leslie Charteris.

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