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Bright Blue Shorts

Gedge - some points you might like to include in your Maradonna entry.

- Maradonna grew up in humble beginnings, in a shanty town. When he was about 3 years old, he stumbled into the cesspit and was lucky to be rescued by his uncle. Many see this as an example of how his life was to continue. (Always struggling to get out of s**t).

- He was in the Argentinian football team at the age of 16, but was aggrieved when Daniel Passarella failed to pick him for the 1978 World Cup squad. His talents were therefore not on display at the world's greatest football tournament until Spain (1982) [add link].

- he was recently voted better than Pele for a "Footballer of the Century" awards. The vote however mainly consisted of internet voting and therefore favoured younger voters, who would have seen Maradonna, but not Pele. When asked about this Maradonna basically that he didn't care as he had got the award and Pele hadn't. Hardly a magnanamous victor.

- arrogance appears to be a trait strongly associated with Maradonna. Following the handball incident against England in 1986, he claimed that it had been the "Hand of God". Again this match showed the split personality inherent in Maradonna, one moment producing the ultimate act of cheating in football, the next scoring possibly the greatest goal in World Cup history, by rather from his own half and beating five(?) defenders.

- lots to talk on the subject of drugs, prostitutes and the Italian Mafia. There is a seedier side to him. This was most evident in his expulsion from the 1994 WC for drugs.

- Although always having had a stocky appearance, since quitting the game Maradonna has become increasingly overweight (fat).

Anyway hope that helps,
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Gedge :-)

Cheers BBS though I think the question mark should is mis placed and should read "and beating 5 defenders(?)" smiley - smiley


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Bright Blue Shorts

Should actually say "and *running* from his own half and beating five defenders". The question mark wasn't about whether it is the best goal ever, but whether it was 5 or 6 defenders. Reid, Butcher, Fenwick, Shilton, Sansom?

As to whether it was the best goal ever, it was voted that in a poll during one of those BBC 2 theme nights, way back in about 1994. They showed 20 great goals and you had to phone in on the 0898 number to choose the best. Not bad considering British disdain for him, following the HoG incident.

Probably the only comparable goal is the Brazil's 4th (vs Italy 1970 WC final) which was a great example of teamwork, and ends with the fullback (his name slips me) come charging into screen, wide out on the right, to blast the ball into the back of the net. Might have been Carlos Alberto.

BBS smiley - smiley


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Gedge :-)

My question mark was about whether we could call some of them "defenders" smiley - winkeye Terry Fenwick in an England shirt never worked for me!


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Eusebio - squad number 11

Of course, the original Hand of God incident was in 1977, when Wales were cheated out of a place in Argentina thanks to Joe Jordan *spit*.
He handled the ball in the Welsh penalty area and the ref gave a penalty!

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