Corvallis, Oregon USA

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Corvallis is a town of some 50,000+ people situated in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Terminus of the great Oregon Trail migration of the
middle 1800's, the valley is a lush agricultural region which produces a great variety of crops, and much of the world's supply of grass
seed and peppermint oil. Corvallis sits about eighty miles south of Portland, the largest city in Oregon, and about fifty miles inland from
the Pacific Ocean, due east of the small coastal town of Newport.

It snows rarely in the winter, but rain is a constant companion from late fall until early summer. The landscape is lush and green as
a result of all this precipitation, while the mountain ranges on either side of the valley are capped with snow for much of the year.
The valley is drained by the Willamette (Wil-LAM-et) River, which unlike most rivers flows north for most of its length, emptying into
the Columbia River not far from its mouth. An abundance of streams and rivers feed the main stem, and minor flooding is fairly
routine event in wintertime. Large floods are rare, owing to extensive irrigation, flood control and hydropower dams in the foothills.

Corvallis is home to several large employers, notably Oregon State University and Hewlett-Packard. OSU is a land-grant
university which hosts engineering, agriculture, business, science and similar schools. There are plenty of liberal arts programs
mixed in as well, but the main focus of the school is business and sciences. For more liberal arts focus, the University of Oregon
is just forty miles south, in Eugene. Hewlett-Packard employs about 5000 people in its campus on the north side of town, and
ink-jet production is its primary product at the site. The printers are produced in Washington to the north, but Corvallis produces
an astounding number of ink-jet cartridges to feed the millions of printers in the world.

More Corvallis information to follow....


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