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Small and almost totally insignificant village in South Humberside (well, N.E. Lincolnshire now, but it was South Humberside when I lived there so I shall maintain the fiction that it still is). Population is probably about 600-800, one of the series of 'low' villages that stretch along the B1204, (consisting of Worlaby, Bonby, Saxby All Saints, Horkstow and South Ferriby) that nestle beneath the northernmost ridgeline of the Lincolnshire Wolds. From half-remembered Geography lessons it is possible that these are 'spring-line villages', founded where springs emerge from the pourous rocks of the Wold at their boundary with the clay of the Vale of Ancholme. Continuing the geography lesson, the villae is a classic example of ribbon-development, the Main Road is practically the only road. The names suggest that they were founded as farms under the Danelaw period of history, over a 1000 years ago.

The village church in Bonby is St Andrews, a small but pleasant little church, with some features dating back to Saxon times. There is one shop, the combination General Store / Post Office which is rather expensive and the pub, The Haymaker which is starting to recieve a make-over with the recent addition of a dining room. It is unforunately a supplier of John Smiths range of bitters. As of time of writing there is a perfectly pleasant little field in the middle of the village, but this is slated to disappear in a housing development. Shame.

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