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The QuickStep is a dance in the Modern section of Ballroom Dancing, so called because it's older and more traditional than the Latin section (which in turn is so called because it did not originate in Rome).
The QuickStep is danced to fun, jolly music, and involves many 'slow quick quick' patterns, and many locking steps. Note these are very difficult to do when drunk.
The best place to go QuickStepping is someone where nobody else is, otherwise you run the risk of collision. If you are forced to dance in a room and there is a collision, you have four options:
  1. Pretend nothing happened and dance on
  2. Tut a bit to yourself, give the other couple a bit of a dirty look, but otherwise bear no grudge
  3. Stop dancing and shout at the other couple for not looking where they were going (even if it was your fault)
  4. Act like someone who dances for Oxford University

To be fair to those who dance for Oxford University, they very rarely progress past stage three unless the accident was somebody else's fault.

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