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Freud...the grandaddy of psychoanalysis..born 1856...died 1939 of cancer of the jaw.
He was only 17 when he enetered the University of Vienna medical School.
He was the oldest of 8 children and he himself had 6 children.
Four of his sisters sadly died in the Gas chambers during WW2.
His work on personality and gender acquirement are legendary.
I love his stuff on says we are in constant conflict as the three parts of ourselves argue with each other
ID is the child says I want..fulfill my need
Superego is the victorian can't, you mustn't ( our moral voice)
Ego is the adult ...the balance, it compromises

Id ...I want a big bar of chocolate
Superego......No you can't's bad for your teeth and you are on a diet
Ego....Ok lets just have a small bar and clean our teeth afterwards

So when you are talking to yourself now know where it is coming from.
In order to protect our Ego we develop unconscious defence mechanisms such as :
Rationalisation...we distort reality to protect our self esteem as in when we see the guy/girl who dumped us...I don't know what I saw in him/her he/she is ugly.
I think Freud still has a lot to offer the modern world.

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