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As a newspaper editor and later as a Sub-editor here on h2g2 I have been accused of torturing the prose of writers' work that crossed my desk. But I reckon it comes with the territory of having the word 'editor' associated with you in some way.

You call *that* a paragraph?!?

That's why I picked this graphic to grace my page. It's a bit of a joke to remind folks not to take life so seriously. While you might have liked having a sentence fragment in your entry, I'm afraid that I'm going to 'fix' it - even if the use of fragments is your particular style.

The purpose behind this page is to work on your pending entries so they're in shape for the Edited Guide. I also use it as a reference page to the various h2g2 help pages which is good for me and for you.

I'm actually very passionate about good writing. I don't believe anything I've ever written is completely finished, nor do I find anything I've written to be perfect. All writing can benefit with an edit or an outsider to go over it and offer suggestions.

There's even a whole DNA community designed to improve would-be writer's craft over at Get Writing that has lots of interactive tips and exercises.

Some other good resources for writers on h2g2 include:

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