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A blobby, multi-lobed, unappealing organ whose only conceivable purposes are:

a.) to be eaten (only possible in the form of chopped liver, a semi-ethnic dish that, though delicious, lacks the snob appeal of pate)

b.) to be destroyed by self-abuse with alcohol and other harsh chemicals.

c.) to be destroyed by unexpected toxic reactions to other chemicals (e.g., solvents, herbs, or drugs not used for self-abuse)
or by various viral infections (the hepatitides: hepatitis B, C, etc.)

Once destroyed, the liver must be replaced or the unfortunate person will die.

Transplantation technology has progressed to the point that people who need new livers actually have a chance of
getting one (assuming that they live in one of the more developed parts of the world).

However, currently it appears that the best way of getting a transplanted liver is not to be a deserving child or
productive member of society who lost a battle with a virus, but to be a celebrity with a long history of alcohol abuse.

Pass the crackers, would you please? Thanks.

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