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Welcome to LLAMA: Lads and Ladies Against Mobile Appliances. Okay, so the title doesn't really work. We agree with many mobile appliances, for instance we think the hand-held nose hair remover is rather nifty. We are, in fact, talking mobile phones here. The original working title was LAMP (Lads Against Mobile Phones), but I demanded to be represented.
So to outline a few beliefs of LLAMA: we believe that all mobile telephones, be they large or small, hi-tech or no, should be boycotted. We believe the integration of the 'mobile' into society represents a loss of the traditional values of life. They reduce the need to actually talk to people, thus lowering the social skills of many young children today.
Yes, it's a sad fact that most mobiles are not used for emergencies, as the owners will claim, but for texting fellow pupils across the room.
Head Llama, Ben Southward, says "since I started flaunting about how I didn't own a mobile phone, my life has drastically improved... from now on, if I ever wanna talk to someone, I just shout at them- it's great!"
We are currently searching for new members, so if you too feel the decline of society as a whole due to small, hand-held telephones, get in touch.
Of course, we must stress that Magic Mobiles are completely acceptable. For those of you not in the know, Magic Mobiles are what less well-informed observers would call toys. Toys they are not.

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