Good Guys Come in Last

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What's up with women always goin' out with men who are complete morons? This girl I know is goin' out with this guy who is jealous of everything that looks at her. Not only that, but he has an affinity for beating the crap out of any and everything. And to top it all off: He is dying to have sex with her and she's not at all in to havin sex before she's married. This guy is cool as a person (if you're not dating him) but he is a total asshole if you are dating him (apparently). Anyhow, I, on the other hand, am a rather docile guy. I'm like teflon. Not a whole lot of things on this planet bug me. I won't get jealous easily, I won't want to beat the crap out of everything that looks at my girlfriend, and I am in no hurry to have sex. Why the Hell is she goin' out with him? I'd rather she go out with me. But since I'm friends with both of them, I'm not gonna do anything to break them up, ya know? Good guys finish last. That includes me. I'M CURSED I TELL YOU, CURSED!!

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