Definitions of the word "FREE"

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  • Having liberty and/or independence
  • e.g."Young, free and single"
  • No charge or cost
  • e.g."A free gift"
  • Autonomous state
  • e.g."A free city"
  • Exempt from certain impositions
  • e.g."Tax free"
  • Clear of obstruction
  • e.g."Free passage"
  • Unshackled
  • e.g."Free from chains"
  • Unfastened/not fastened
  • e.g."Free end of a rope"
  • Not combined or united
  • e.g."Free oxygen"
  • Not busy
  • e.g."I am free for lunch"
  • Unhindered
  • e.g."free from responsibility"
  • Not a slave
  • e.g."A free man"
  • Generous or lavish
  • e.g."A free spender"
  • Anonymous
  • e.g."Identity free"
  • At liberty
  • e.g."Free to roam"
  • Not confined to rules or regulations
  • e.g."Free verse"
  • Not in use/Available
  • e.g."This one is free"

    Double Meanings

    Caution should be exercised at the following statements:

    A conversation between a video shop assistant and a customer:

    Shop Assistant: "This Bruce Willis film is free, Madam".
    This does not mean that the video itself costs nothing. The assistant is informing you that the video is available, but not for no cost. You will have to pay the rental price.

    A boss to his workers: "Is anyone free at the moment?" He is asking if anyone is not working,slacking or available, usually for extra work. It would be advisable here to take a step backwards, or look busy.


  • There is no such thing as a free lunch

  • This is a friendly warning. Usually the free lunch is a pre-requisite to a favour being asked; or even a bribe.

  • The best things in life are free

  • Most usually spoken by poor people or by skinflints.

  • As free as a bird

  • Ask the budgie/canary/lovebird/cockateil/parrot in its cage if that's true.

    Words ending in -free

    Carefree No cares or worries.

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