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Somewhere North of Yorkshire, there is a wall, over which many Ancient Britains escaped when the sausage eaters and garlic sellers invaded England many years before the channel tunnel was built. These Ancient Britains, dressed up as washerwomen in pretty tartan dresses in order to pass by the guards at Newcastle station: ( This tradition is still remembered by many Ancient Britains, or Skotch people as they are known today because of their drinking habits). Once over the wall, these Skotch People split into two destinct races.... The Edinbrough Skots and the others. They developed a language of there own which is a cross between talking and spitting this is called Garlic. The Skotch have a facination for cats. Some wear them in front of their dresses like a bum bag ( called sporron ) and others make a crude musical instrument out of catskin and hollow sticks which mimics the mating call of a desperate Tom. This is called a bag-of-pipes. The most powerful political party in Scotland is the SNP which stands for Scotland Nurtures Pussies. This is the political wing of the much feared and radical Cats Protection League.

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