Common Salt (Sodium Chloride)

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Dietary Salt

Anti-depressant.: Believed that, over centuries, the human body has developed a 'feelgood factor' associated with i, partly because it used to be so scarce
Roman soldiers paid in salt because of its high value at the time. Latin word 'salarium' now used to mean 'wages'
Used as food preservative by the Romans and until the invention of mechanical regrigeration in 19th Century.

Recommended daily intake/adult is 4g, although experts say that the body requires only half this amount. Required for fluid movement in and out of cells
Many adults in developed World eat as much as 10g/day due to processed foods with high salt content. Elephant 'licks' in Kenya.
Many people now react to salt in same way that body reacts to hard drugs. Suggests that salt need/cravings may be linked to same brain pathways as drug addiction and abuse.
High blood pressure, heart disease

Cheshire salt mines/road salting

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