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Well the galaxy...

Who gives a f**k about the galaxy?
Do you wanna know the truth? Well that's easy - just continue to read.

All I have to say rounds about one single point of view: LIFE SUCKS.
One more reason that LIFE SUCKS is that right now I don't have enough money to tattoo that line on my shoulder.
So, everibody have a good time huh? Good for ya cos I'm starving. Not for food of course ( if that was it - I'd probably suicide ). I hunger
for knowledge but not that knowledge written in the big dusty book storaged deeper into some book storage. So what are we people have archived? I say we though I'm not a relative neither to Albert Einstein
nor Newton. They really did something about my problem or let's just say OUR problem. How many of are happy just by having a nice dinner,
a sexy bitch or son of such ( think girl or boyfriend ), a couple of "friends" who in the right time, when you desperately need them will
gladly f**k you up? Tough question, no? If your really really satisfied with what you have - then stop reading and reply with something like
"f**k you too" or something - but that's optional. Then get on with your glamorous life.
The others: still here?

Most of the people I know are bussy mostly with the thought what is that they have and you don't. And then they think: "Hmm, that miserable dork have this thingy and I don't. Man, it'll be better if I could just..." . And that's about the veneer or this situation. The other aspect related to people ( I hate that word more than life itself ) is
as it follows: "Man I'm happy - that dork who had the most fancy car in da hood is now dork again. I just bought a better one."

And so on. Thousands of examles. You'll say "But that's not all the people thinking and doing like that!". And my answer will be:

Yes, but how about 80%?

So, I'm through with people. I don't think nobody can be worth talking to whom. I concider that rare person lives at least 10000 miles from your location and probably you and him are thinking: "What is life all about" at the same time. Day after day.

What are my dreams? Recently I don't have any. Because LIFE SUCKS.
That's all. Prove me wrong! Please!

- - -

That dream again. Every night. My angel came to me and penetrated into my deram making it again a nightmare. He is dressed in black but is not Will Smith. He also wore dark glasses. He wears them every time.
He sat near my bed and took off his glasses. I'm still in confusion because he made perfect fusion with my previous dream but I'm not mad at him - He'd probably saved me from a nightmare by providing me with one less bad.
He sighted while I was trying to wake up. He didn't notica that or at least didn't show me that.
"I have bad news for you." He said with a flat tone.
"Really?" I said "Should I be nervous?"
He smiled.
"It's about one of your many questions about the universe..."
"Which one?"
"About the "is anyone else out there", remember?"
"Of course. Well?"
"The answer is.. no"
"No!" I shouted.
"Sorry. You want to know why?"
"That's simple: You people are so narrow-minded that you won't be able
to reach any life organisms with the rate you're progressing. At least not in the near 10,000,000 thousand years. But there's a good thing after all. It's about me - Mankind and you in particiular have to be happy with that you are smart enough to have angels. That's why I'm still here. Bye."
And then he dissapeared.

I can't remeber If I ever woke up afer that nightmare.
Somebody pinch me.

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