Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas

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The song was made popular during the 1974 when Kung Fu movies were at the height of their popularity. The song has been famous for many years and one of the main selling points of it has been the use of Oriental Riff. The riff is a popular music form in most areas of Chinese culture. Douglas says that he was inspired to write this song after seeing a Kung Fu movie and latter a jazz concert.

When you listen to the song the melodic tunes that are played throughout are focused largley on Jazz mized with the Oriental riff. The song remains one of the most beloved one hit wanders and has been used many times during the last few decades. As you listen to the song envisioning the Kung Fu moves that are described are not hard and as you watch Kung Fu movies after that you will hear this music in your head. It has been used in many movies as well TV shows that involve Kung Fu as a major theme.

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