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At one point, the Heavy Metal Website Jukebox had over 400 links to it. Around 40 of these were not for bands. However, these extra links, and the editing that went with them, placed a serious strain on the page. When I update the page, I don't want to have to wait five minutes before finding out I've got a GuideML error. Crystal?1

This section is for magazines (underground, overground, and hopefully fanzines), record labels, venues, and miscallanious websites. I hope that it shouldn't be too unfeasable to have every heavy metal website on the 'net on these pages! Well, so it shall be written, so it shall be done. Here's hope that the list continues to grow!


Altars Of Metal
Artifact Metal Zine
Bard Music & Bard
Baxter's Anti-Zine
Black Velvet
Classic Rock
Emerald Metalzine
In Extremist
Infernal Dominion
Jedbanger's Metal Ezine (Argentinian)
Last Judgement
Metal Crusade
Metal Hammer
Much More Metalmania
The Neighbour Of The Beast
Organ Online
The Underground Metal Empire
Tragenda's Webzine
Victim Magazine
Violated Rot

Record Labels

Air Raid Records
Alternative Tentacles
Avante Garden/Wounded Love
Beast Records
Black Mark Productions
Century Media
Cold Meat Industry
Geffen Records
Household Name
House Of Kicks
Lockjaw Records
Music For Nations
Necropolis Records
Noise Central
Noise Records
Org Records
Pagan Moon Records
Rise Above
Sub Pop
Universal Music Group
Visible Noise


Bradford Rio
Brum Fest
Dynamo Festival
Glasgow Barrowland
Nottingham Rock City
The Alex Lancaster
Red Rose Rugeley


Def Leppard fan club problems
Denim & Leather
Free Hendrik Möbus
Lord Of The Polls
Total Rock Radio - HM ISP
Warmbooter's Bootleg Trade Site

1To ease the congestion further, I created a second Website Jukebox

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