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(1) Who was the capain of the botany bay?
(2) Under what name was deep space 9 called by the cardassians?
(3) Where did Jenifer sisco die (not the mirror universe jenifer)?
(4) What is the name of tovok's wife?
(5) What was the name of the ships doctor in the cage?
(6) What race runs farpoint station?
(7) On what planet did picard live as kamin?
(8) What class of ship was the enterprise B?
(9) Who was the captain of the yamato?
(10) What ship was data's first command?
(11) Which admiral led the fleet at wolf 359?
(12) What name did picard use in gambit?
(13) On what ship did the enterprise D find scotty?
(14) To what race does guinan belong?
(15) On what prison planet were kirk and mc coy held by klingons?


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