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OK, this is a new idea I came up with. If you're unfamilliar with the idea of a paperchase, here comes the explanation: Below is question 1, which leads you to somewhere on the h2g2 site, whereupon you will find question 2, which takes you somewhere else and so on. If you come to the end of the trail, well done, you win the prize of composing the next question, wow! In case you're wondering, clue 33 has just been posted as of the 21st of June 2001. Hopefully that's not put anyone off, but has rather encouraged them that this chase is still ongoing.

Some Rules

Obviously I have no idea what people are up to. Chances are I often won't know which clue we're up to, so you'll have to be a bit self regulating, however, here are some rules.

  1. Please leave something at the place where your clue leads to indicate it's the right place.
  2. If people want another clue from you, please be helpful, though you don't have to make it too obvious. It might be a good idea not to ask for help immediately as the answer may hit you later and besides, it gives the others a chance to catch up.
  3. Feel free to be as cryptic as you like, though do remember that everyone has to figure out your clue. I think the clue I've set below is of reasonable difficulty, though I expect I'll be told otherwise.
  4. You may have your entry in as obscure a place as you can find, but please ensure your clue gives enough detail to let people find where it is.
  5. It seems a good idea to me to unsubscribe from the conversation once you've posted the clue or destination.
  6. So, since the setter will have unsubscribed, all requests for help are best placed either here or directly on the setter's own page.

It has also been suggested that people add an entry to each clue as they pass it. Feel free to do so, but again please unsubscribe immediately afterwards. By the way, many of the clues are in the style of a cryptic crossword, though this wasn't may intention, so don't be worried about putting a bit of variety it.

Question 1 (start here)

Magical schoolby Houdini works with clay, but what is he more famous for?

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