Something worth talking about, the magic mushroom ban!

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So, they did it, the banned magic mushrooms.

Normally in discussions I accept that there are two sides to the arguement, for and against, but on this subject I have to put my foot down and say "NO!". The decision was wrong, and regardless of the argument there is no other side to this. Magic mushroom grow naturally, nature grows them, along with cannabis, how can they be illegal?

Look at the circumstaces, alcohol and tobacco are leading killers in Britain, thats right, booze and fags KILL people, and this is legal? Yes, meaning that this kind of death is fully gouvernment approved. Plus the fact (as Bill Hicks said) "These are good TAXable drugs"...that kill people. Whereas drugs like cannabis have no, absolutly no related deaths in history, it's impossible to overdose and the effects of cannabis are far superior to the effects of alcohol. If you had a choice between coming face to face with a drunk person or a stoned person who would you pick? Alcohol bring out violent tendancies and in the days and age a lot of people WANT to be violent about it. A stoned person will be too bothered about either keeping their heads down or making friendly chit chat.

It makes no sense, how can a killer be lagal when much more harmless substances are illegal?

We've had a freedom of thought taken from us. Why is it just made illegal? If you don't like it then LEAVE IT ALONE AND STOP RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US!!! I can't stand alcohol, I hate getting drunk and hangovers are evil, nasty and unhealthy. I'd prefer to enjoy a quiet toke in with my friends as opposed to getting rowdy and causing a drunken scene, trying to intimmidate people 'cos I'm out getting drunk like a big boy! Which is legal.

With regards to magic mushrooms, it's the same, it's not the drug, it's the person you are. If you're open minded and up for it and with the right people then you'll have an excellent time. If you'd rather have a drink and get plastered than stay in with your friends and have a good trip then you'll have a bad time, it's just that everyone has gotten so narrow minded and deceided to ban it for the people who cause NO THREAT to the public, i'd never want to face the public on mushrooms 'cos they'd all look ugly! Banning mushrooms is wrong, it's a bad idea and I can't believe it's been passed, it infuriates me, it makes me want to be sick, in the knowledge that harmless, HARMLESS drugs like mushrooms and cannabis have such a bad rap whereas alcohol and tabacco cause many accidents, cancer, basically death, the gouvernment are letting drinkers and smokers die.

I could go on and on about this so if there's anyone, ANYONE out there who thinks the mushroom ban is wrong please let me know.

If anyone opposes my arguement, LEAVE THIS ARTICLE ALONE, you are wrong. You've been brain-washed by the gouvernment and media into thinking the wrong things about the whole drug situation, it's your indepentent thought they'll be harvesting next. It's all a battle for blood and oil and considering current affairs with the London bombings, Iraq, just everything, who really cares about a group of hippies getting kicks from things you wouldn't even understand. It's your fault the world is how it is and it's your fault freedom is mereley a dream as opposed to being real. If you oppose, do what you should've done in the first place, KEEP YOU NOSE OUT AND LEAVE ME AND MY FELLOW FEINDS ALONE!

Anyone else disgused by this out rage i'm all ears

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