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Secretly Not Here Any More

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That poster is awaiting a slap next time I see him in the pub smiley - winkeye

We're always open to new ideas on how to reduce disruption though. The moderation rules aren't set in stone from here to eternity, if the rules are found to need changing, then we look at them with an eye to do that. However, we have to be careful to make sure that it's the rules that are needing changing and not those that are breaking them smiley - winkeye


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Secretly Not Here Any More

Help, help. I'm being oppressed.

Is there a way of stopping the placeholder posts for those on pre-mod appearing? That seems the be the most irritating issue for most people.


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Icy North

I've suggested this before, but an obvious technology-driven solution would be to reduce the contrast of the postings of people on pre-mod. We can then continue to read them if we really want to.

I'd favour a staged contrast reduction according to the level of pre-mod they're on. Those in the moderation departure lounge could be on a contrast as low as 10% - pale grey on white, say.


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Personally I'd favour people stopped breaking the rules so I didn't have to build stuff to cater to them smiley - smiley

At the moment, there's not much we can do. I need to rewrite the APIs that push the data out to be able to get something that I can then work with. I *will* be doing this, but it's after getting the new front end out.

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