What is the question to 42?

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Looking through the Oracle archives I found that someone had asked:
> What is the question if the answer is 42. No silly comments please!

} Ah, now this question that has baffled philosphers through the ages.
} Let's see how some of them addressed the problem, shall we?
} Plato:
} What is the way to reach the greater good?
} Karl Marx:
} The number 42 is an historical inevitability. There is no question.
} Machiavelli:
} The question must not be discussed, so that those who know the
} question will be viewd with admiration, as only they have the daring
} and courage to boldly multiply. Those knowledgeable ones must also
} be viewed with fear, for whom among you has the strength to contend
} with such a paragon of formulatic virtue? In such a manner is the
} princely mathmatician's dominion maintained.
} Jean-Paul Sartre:
} What number will cause people to act in good faith and be true to
} themselves?
} Albert Einstein:
} How you reach 42 depends upon your frame of reference.
} Buddha:
} If you ask this question, you deny your own 42-ness.
} Salvador Dali:
} The Dog?
} Darwin:
} What is the logical next step after coming down from the trees?
} Emily Dickinson:
} What could not stop for death?
} Epicurus:
} What is the definition of fun?
} David Hume:
} What arises out of custom and habit?
} Pyrrho the Skeptic:
} What number?
} The Sphinx:
} I'm not telling.
} Mark Twain:
} The news of this number has been greatly exaggerated.
} Douglas Adams:
} What is 6x7?
} You owe the oracle another year of grad school in the art of applied
} metamathmatics.

Well there we have it ><>

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