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I'm not religious, I don't believe in God or the Devil, altough I think the Devil is more likely to be real. If there was a God, I'd hold him repsonible for both good and evil, the devil was cast out, what power does he have over God? Religion is not my thing.

But I do believe in Karma, what goes around, comes around. Do good, you get good back, to bad and you know what happens. Karma thrives on society, it ties up the loose ends and restores the balance, which is why I'm almost comfortable with the good and the bad, if I stole from someone, I'd expect something of mine to go missing and wouldn't question it because I know damn well I've done something wrong. If I was to help a friend in need I'd expect something back at a later time, it all depends on behaviour.

But when you get karma and society together there's overtime available and one hell of a balance to keep. A lot of people in society don't even realise that some things they do are just plain wrong and then get angry when it come back around, which is why I love Karma. I could get beat up by a gang of thugs, I could be cut off in traffic, anything could happen and I'd leave in the faithful hands of Karma, it's karmas job to resore the balance. It may sound crazy but I have faith in Karma because Karma does a better job than God and the Devil put together. To quote "The Craft", (kind of a lame movie I thought but one quote stuck in my mind). If good and evil we're to have a game of football, or a boxing match, Karma would be the stadium they played in. Karma is based on good and evil, right and wrong, God and the Devil. Looking at society and the current world status I don't find it hard to understand that bad things are happening, but in fairness bad things have been done and Karma is out of balance.

I believe it's very hard for a human being to not be doing wrong, look at what we've done to this planet. Sometimes it's not hard to believe that we just shouldn't be here because we've ruined everything with war, money and power and we're all paying for it. That's the ultimate Karma of things, then we get individual Karma, karma based around ones self. Whilst the balance is being restored for the greater good, the balance is also being kept on a more personal level, there's a lot going on and there's a lot to be done. All I'm saying is that if we continue with our bad habits nothing will every get done, I may be a bit of a hippy but we need to start looking out for each other.

As Paradise Lost said, "I'm made the same as you're made".

And we are after all, professionals.

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