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Some people are just in to much of a hurry, always rushing. From morning 'til night the day gets hectic and stays hectic, on those days I at least try and calm down, stop what ever I'm doing and just think, "What am I doing? Why am I doing it? And where's the fire? Slow down man!". I think the key is not to take life too seriously. I know, sometimes It's hard not to, and sometimes I do, which is when things start getting to you, if you let them. Don't take it to seriously.

On further observation I've notice that people who are in a hurry are not nice people, if they're rush, you're in the way. Many such occurences happen in the car, on the road. Regardless, of what anyone says, the road is a dangerous place, not because of the actual road its-self, but because of the people on it. Has anyone ever been cut off at a junction, or in any traffic and then had the OTHER drive flash the finger at you? It frustrates me because "I'm not at fault here!". Therefore, your mood is tained by them, being in one big rush. And I'm sorry, but observing further still these drivers own Mercs, BMWs, you know the sterotype...IT'S HARD TO MISS THAT POINT.

At work, when people are rushing, it's hard to communicate, example. My team manager is un-approachable, he's always got "too much to do". I apologise again but if you want to be a manager you have a lot to do, they signed the contract, it's part of the job, deal with it, don't take it out on YOUR employees. If he has the largest pair of scissors in the Guiness Book of Records he'd sharpen it and use it to back stab people rather than cut his employees some slack. I also observed his auto-mobile, a polished black BMW, surprise! Comes with the terretory I guess.

The general public appear to thrive on doing things as fast as possible, and they're arrogant for it, blissful in their ignorance and thinking their something special. (This may be off the point) I went to a speedway race in my home town of Scunthorpe last weekend, I was stood at the barrier watching the bikes when a sun burnt, middle aged, over weight woman approached me and demanded that I moved so that she could set up a seat for her father. If it had been crowded I would gladly have moved, I'm tall, I'll just step back. BUT, on my left and right was emptry space and this arrogant woman wanted my spot. Politly I pointed out that there was pleanty of room, which apparently was a mistake. I got a barrage of insults regarding my size and build (I'm rather skinny, yes). Then she threw in that her father had just had a stroke and just got out of hospital and wanted to watch the speedway. Knowing damned well that I had a whole arsenal of retalliation, I reluctantly moved round the race course thinking all the while, "Why use your fathers valnerabilty (Stroke) as fuel for an argument with a stranger?". It bothered me, that's just not right and it's no point of argument, it was void from the moment she spoke. I could see it in her approach, she just wanted to lash out at something, and that something was me and I'm glad I didn't retalliate because she'd've been disappointed. If she hadn't been in such a hurry for confrontation her day at the races would have been much more satifying than mine, I never met her father and congradulate him on putting up with her, and I had an excellent day.

I may have my own issues, my oppinions maybe harsh. All I'm saying is don't get caught up in that trap, slow down, just take a little time to look and realise what's going on, then, MAYBE we'll all start getting along. But that's the trouble with society, as long as there are opppinions and ideas there'll be confrontation, and this shouldn't be. We should respect each other, agree that people are entitled to their beliefs as well as expressing your own. Society is firmly closed minded and if I ever met a human version of society I'm sure I and many others would have one or two questions and one or two quiet words asking, "What the hell is this man!?!".

But I suppose we could just cut the middle man, bypass society and just ask the eternal spirit its-self, the balance keeper...Karma.

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