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I just got signed up to the site and there's a question i've been wanting to ask many people, and hope for a few replies from the open minded masses. My question is it is just me, or does the concept of "Working life" not seem right to anyone else other than me?

I apologise if this sounds like a rant by the way, but this is just an oppinion

Let's just think about the pros and cons (as i've had a lot of time to think about this), granted, working life is a way to get by, you earn a living by going to work everyday, having weekends off IF you find the right job, working organised rota's etc, etc...and granted it is a smooth process, BUT whenever i'm asked "Why do you want this job?" I answer with some mindless jargon that i'm now used to spilling out, "I see it as a good opertunity to gain experience in this field of work and Blah Blah Blah". The truth is I don't care, I just wanna get paid and this is the only option available to be right now.

Working is also a good way to give back to society, work can be dependant of you class/income, material possetions and which holidays you can afford, BUT I don't care about classes, you could wear a full Armarni suit of a pair of tattered jeans and a wooly jumper (Me) and I'd still talk to you, if you're a good person then status does matter, it's not about what you wear or the job you have, we're all of the same race. BUT, when you work you are forced into the jobs availble to you, you can never give back to society in you OWN way, by helping the environment, being creative and sharing within a community, it's by someone else's rules. Unless you enjoy working life and if you do then you have a very speical gift, but I am just not comfortable with it.

I hate every element of work, (this is the rant), I usually work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, BUT i found a new job and moved in my girlfried and the job i got didn't mention that "By the way, as if you didn't work enough we're gonna make you do 9 hours per day", i know it's only an extra hour but dammit, THAT MOUNT'S UP! And I do have better things to do. I', afriad to express these oppinions 'cos when I tried I kinda got a "We all happy, we enjoy it, ONE OF US, ONE OF US!".
But I just don't understand, we're humans, everyone on this planet should be free, YES TOTALLY FREE, to do what they like without having to "make ends meet" without a crummy job that nobody wants and just...Be allowed to live, it doesn't sound crazy does it? It pains me to wake up in the morning everyday and leave my beautiful girlfriend in bed and have to spend days on end alone doing housework that I should be doing during the day, if ya follow? Also, love is a very strong bond and it's hard being at work knowing that a loved one is sat, bored on their own during their summer holiday at university, it's a painfully numbing feeling.

I'll not go on 'cos i'd be here all day, but basically long story short. Am I alone here? Is everybody REALLY plugged into the Matrix? Does anyone else believe that there's a better way? Is anyone with me on this?

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