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To use any of the following pictures in Guide Entries or on your Personal Space, simply cut and paste the GuideML shown next to each picture, and include this in your entry or Personal Space Introduction. To find out more on writing entries in GuideML, we recommend you take a look at the GuideML Clinic.

A picture of a house with a superimposed pound sign.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" SHADOW="None" H2G2IMG="evaluation.jpg" ALT="A picture of a house with a superimposed pound sign."/>
A happy househusband.<PICTURE embed="CENTER" shadow="None" H2G2IMG="househusband.jpg" ALT="A happy househusband."/>
Lava Lamp<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1194537" ALT="Lava Lamp"/>
A tap and pipes<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1073274" ALT="A tap and pipes"/>
A video and television<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B155353" ALT="A video and television"/>
A radiator<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B970170" ALT="A radiator"/>
A woman making clothes<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B185612" ALT="A woman making clothes"/>
Duvets in all sorts of lovely colours<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B78007" ALT="Duvets in all sorts of lovely colours"/>
A suitcase full of old things<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B98002" ALT="A suitcase full of old things"/>
A suitcase full of South African things<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B396976" ALT="A suitcase full of South African things"/>
Baby in a chefs hat at a barbecue<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B514312" ALT="Baby in a chef's hat at a barbecue"/>
Pot pourri in a bowl<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B383697" ALT="Pot pourri in a bowl"/>
The right side of bed and the wrong side of bed<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B91876" ALT="The right side of bed and the wrong side of bed"/>
Three heavily protected bio waste workers working around giant yellow bio waste bin<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B793725" ALT="Three heavily protected bio waste workers working around giant yellow bio waste bin"/>
Plumbing and a plughole<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B863003" ALT="Plumbing and a plughole"/>
Party decorations inside the palace<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1296287" ALT="Party decorations inside the palace"/>
A cowboy resting his feet on his patio.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1397208" ALT="A cowboy resting his feet on his patio."/>
A lady in a bath.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2367242" ALT="A lady in a bath."/>
A toddler having a tantrum.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2453965" ALT="A toddler having a tantrum."/>
A wintry kitchen<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2728112" ALT="A wintry kitchen"/>

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