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Feeder are a rock band from the UK.
It all started in Wales in 1992, with Grant Nicholas and Jon Lee. In 1995 they decided to go to London in pursuit of a career and a third band member - a bassist. They located Taka Hirose who is from Tokyo through an advert and the three signed to the Echo label.
Their first mini-album, Swim, was released in 1996. They toured around the country building up a fanatical following.

They made it big with their single "Buck Rogers", which entered the charts at number 5 during 2001. Unfortunately the drummer, Jon Lee, committed suicide early in 2002, which obviously had an impact on the remaining two band members. But they have continued and have recently release the album Comfort In Sound. Feeder are now Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose, with Mark Richardson replacing Jon Lee, playing drums on the "Comfort In Sound" album



"Two Colours"
'Chicken On A Bone', 'Pictures Of Pain'

(Only available to buy at gigs in Feeder's tour in 1995. Only 1500 CDs and 1000 7"s printed)
'Sweet16', 'Stereo World', 'WIT', 'Descend', 'Shade', 'Swim'
"Polythene" 1 (1997)'Polythene Girl', 'My Perfect Day', 'Cement', 'Crash', 'Radiation', 'Suffocate', 'Descend', 'Stero World', 'Change', 'Waterfall', 'Tangerine', 'Forgive', '20th Century Trip'
"Polythene" 2 (1997)'Polythene Girl', 'My Perfect Day', 'Cement', 'High', 'Crash', 'Radiation', 'Suffocate', 'Descend', 'Stero World', 'Change', 'Tangerine', 'Forgive', '20th Century Trip', High Video.

(Rereleased in October with "High" replacing "Waterfall", the addition of the video for "High", new artwork and lyrics.)
"Yesterday Went Too Soon"
'Anaesthetic', 'Insomnia', 'Picture of Perfect Youth', 'Yesterday Went Too Soon', 'Waiting For Changes', 'Radioman', 'Day In Day Out', 'Tinsel Town', 'You're My Evergreen', 'Dry', 'Hole In My Head', 'So Well', 'Paperfaces'

(Rereleased in limited edition 2CD pack. The extra CD contains videos of "Insomnia", "Day In Day Out" and "Yesterday Went Too Soon", and a Channel 4 interview.)
"Another Yesterday"
'Paperfaces (UK Single Mix)', 'Whooey', 'Divebomb', 'Rubberband', 'Space Age Hero', 'Slider', 'Tomorrow Shine', 'Living in Polaroid', 'Getting to Know You WLL', 'Honeyfuzz'

(Japan only)
"Echo Park"
'Standing On The Edge', 'Buck Rogers', 'Piece By Piece', 'Seven Days In The Sun', 'We Can't Rewind', 'Turn', 'Choke', 'Oxygen', 'Tell All Your Friends', 'Under The Weather', 'Satellite News', 'Bug'

("Satellite News" only appears on the UK release)
"Seven Days In The Sun"
'Seven Days In The Sun (Radio Edit)', 'Satellite News', 'Home For Summer', 'Reminders', 'Forever Glow', 'We The Electronic', 'W.I.T.', 'High (Acoustic)', 'Dry (Acoustic)'

(Japan only)
"Swim: Resurfaced"
'Sweet16', 'Stereo World', 'WIT', 'Descend', 'Shade', 'Swim', 'Elegy', 'World Asleep', 'Chicken On A Bone', 'Spill', 'Forgiven', Crash Video, Cement Video

(Rereleased after the success of "Echo Park". Features all the original tracks, some b-sides from the same early period, and two videos.)
"Comfort In Sound"
'Just The Way I'm Feeling', 'Come Back Around', 'Helium', 'Child In You', 'Comfort In Sound', 'Forget About Tomorrow', 'Summer's Gone', 'Godzilla', 'Quickfade', 'Find The Colour', 'Love Pollution', 'Moonshine'

('Moonshine' only appears on the UK release)
"Comfort In Sound (Special CD & DVD Edition)"
'Just The Way I'm Feeling', 'Come Back Around', 'Helium', 'Child In You', 'Comfort In Sound', 'Forget About Tomorrow', 'Summer's Gone', 'Godzilla', 'Quickfade', 'Find The Colour', 'Love Pollution', 'Moonshine', 'Just the way I'm feeling (video)', 'Forget about tomorrow (video)', 'Find the colour (video)', 'Come back around (video)', 'Forget about tomorrow (live at Brixton)', 'Just a day (video)', 'Can't stand losing you (live at Reading 2001)', 'Buck Rogers (live at Reading 2001)'


The following are the titles, release dates and highest UK chart position of all singles released by Feeder:
"Stereo World"10/1996101
"Day In Day Out"08/199931
"Yesterday Went Too Soon"08/199920
"Buck Rogers"01/20015
"7 Days In The Sun"04/200114
"Piece By Piece"10/2001N/A (Europe (non-UK) only)
"Just A Day EP"12/200112
"Come Back Around"09/200214
"Just The Way I'm Feeling"01/200310
"Forget About Tomorrow"05/200312
"Find The Colour"09/200324


Some facts:

  • On 7th January 2002, their drummer, Jon Lee, committed suicide. The album Comfort In Sound has some songs about coping with this on it - see Godzilla's line "lost love in suicide". Also the words and video for Come Back Around are a tribute to him - the four female drummers that Grant says "he would have highly approved of" :D
  • The song "Just A Day" was released on the Japanese version of "Echo Park", but only as an EP elsewhere. (again, as far as I can tell...)
  • Their official website is at http://www.feederweb.com/

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