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Members of the Musicians Guild are available for virtual concerts. If you are sponsoring an event within h2g2's virtual community forums and would like some musical entertainment, you've come to the right place.

Musicians Guild members are knowledgeable about their jobs, and their love of music is contagious. Best of all, the members' backgrounds are so varied that they can be guaranteed to cover virtually any musical genre you request.

Whether they are tuning their instruments, setting up their amplifiers, playing a solo, or handling a crowd control crisis, you can trust Guild members to uphold the highest ethical standards. If you're not completely satisfied, the concert is free. If you are completely satisfied, the concert is still free. This way you're a winner no matter what.

How To Hire Us

To hire members of the Musicians Guild for your special event, just post your request at the bottom of this page. Please leave us the following information:

  1. When should we be there? Please provide the date and time of the event, and your time zone.

  2. Where will the event be? Please leave a link to the entry or forum where our members should go.

  3. Who do you want there? Please let us know what type of talent you are looking for. Examples might include a symphony orchestra, several garage bands, a DJ, a boy's choir, a marching band, and so on.

  4. How long would you like us to play? Tell us how long you expect the event to last, or alternatively how long you would like the Musicians Guild members to take for their portion of the event.

Special Provisions

The Guild members who have agreed to cover your event will bring their own equipment and instruments as appropriate, but would appreciate your setting up an area for them within your virtual space before they arrive. Simply designate some free space where they should set up and describe the surroundings briefly.

While Guild members do not receive monetary fees, they do expect free virtual drinks to be provided whenever possible. Please note that the Musicians Guild is not responsible for the drunken antics of any of its members.

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