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To use any of the following pictures in Guide Entries or on your Personal Space, simply cut and paste the GuideML shown next to each picture, and include this in your entry or Personal Space Introduction. To find out more on writing entries in GuideML, we recommend you take a look at the GuideML Clinic.

An ampersand lies in the sand.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" SHADOW="None" H2G2IMG="ampersand.jpg" ALT="An ampersand lies in the sand." />
An interrobang - a combination of question and exclamation marks.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" SHADOW="None" H2G2IMG="interrobang.jpg" ALT="An interrobang - a combination of question and exclamation marks." />
Rhyming Slang<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B62338" ALT="Rhyming Slang"/>
A taxi ride in Boston<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B548059" ALT="A taxi ride in Boston"/>
Trousers and pants<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B73529" ALT="Trousers and pants"/>
An old-style microphone in front of a speech bubble with antiquated words and phrases<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B938818" ALT="An old-style microphone in front of a speech bubble with antiquated words and phrases"/>
Full Ogham Alphabet<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1076444" ALT="Full Ogham Alphabet"/>
Ogham Alphabet<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1076443" ALT="Ogham Alphabet"/>
A foxy cowgirl saying 'Y'all come back now!'<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1128236" ALT="A foxy cowgirl saying 'Y'all come back now!'"/>
A man deliberating over 'it's' and 'its''.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2516670" ALT="A man deliberating over 'it's' and 'its''."/>
A man practising received pronunciation.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2788238" ALT="A man practising received pronunciation."/>
Examples of the Russian language.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2811111" ALT="Examples of the Russian language."/>
A blond(e) girl + the letter 'e'.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B3984592" ALT="A blond(e) girl + the letter 'e'."/>

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