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Various foodstuffs in a prohibited sign<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B954924" ALT="Various foodstuffs in a prohibited sign"/>
Hotdog<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B45410" ALT="Hotdog"/>
Liver and a bottle of wine<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B75034" ALT="Liver and a bottle of wine"/>
Scrambled eggs<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B45416" ALT="Scrambled eggs"/>
Spork<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B232728" ALT="Spork"/>
Wasabi<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B96237" ALT="Wasabi"/>
Oikonomiyaki<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B70652" ALT="Oikonomiyaki"/>
Sushi<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B96232" ALT="Sushi"/>
Seaweed and chopsticks<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B79408" ALT="Seaweed and chopsticks"/>
Mini-man on a chili<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B52424" ALT="Mini-man on a chili"/>
Meat in a kebab<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B52906" ALT="Meat in a kebab"/>
Curry Houses<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B57305" ALT="Curry Houses"/>
Baked bean man with a sore tummy<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B41775" ALT="Baked bean man with a sore tummy"/>
Suckling pig<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B156444" ALT="Suckling pig"/>
Fish and chips swimming in the sea<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B333638" ALT="Fish and chips swimming in the sea"/>
A sizzling meal<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B164759" ALT="A sizzling meal"/>
Sandwich<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B89906" ALT="Sandwich"/>
Breakfast Tacos<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B133307" ALT="Breakfast Tacos"/>
Pizza<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B75051" ALT="Pizza"/>
Roast Suckling Pig<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B438919" ALT="Roast Suckling Pig"/>
Burger, fries and a diet coke<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B133323" ALT="Burger, fries and a diet coke"/>
Popcorn<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B119288" ALT="Popcorn"/>
Man looking a bit unwell after eating a pot noodle<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B83806" ALT="Man looking a bit unwell after eating a pot noodle"/>
A table set with a chequered mat, a plate of white sausages, pretzels and beer<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B605139" ALT="A table set with a chequered mat, a plate of white sausages, pretzels and beer"/>
A Lamburger<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B862042" ALT="A Lamburger"/>
A big pot of soup with loads of lovely things in it!<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1537477" ALT="A big pot of soup with loads of lovely things in it!"/>
Marmite sandwich<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B135621" ALT="Marmite sandwich"/>
Purple mashed potatoes<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2325968" ALT="Purple mashed potatoes"/>
A load of pork pies by Amy the Ant<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2484952" ALT="A load of pork pies by Amy the Ant" />
Bread and rolls<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2650882" ALT="Bread and rolls" />
Planning and preparing a Christmas meal<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2624632" ALT="Planning and preparing a Christmas meal" />
A breakfast cereal bowl with the heads of some world leaders in it.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B3330439" ALT="A breakfast cereal bowl with the heads of some world leaders in it." />
Deep-fried Brie on a Cumberland Sauce.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B3558361" ALT="Deep-fried Brie on a Cumberland Sauce." />

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