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A banana held on a fork over a flaming grill.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" H2G2IMG="barbecuedbanana.jpg" ALT="A banana held on a fork over a flaming grill."/>
Blueberries.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" H2G2IMG="bluefood.gif" ALT="Blueberries."/>
A selection of onions.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" H2G2IMG="onions.jpg" ALT="A selection of onions."/>
Some beans.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" H2G2IMG="beans.gif" ALT="Some beans."/>
A plate of sweet potato<PICTURE embed="CENTER" shadow="None" blob="B5759124" ALT="A plate of sweet potato"/>
A banana framed by bananas<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1013466" ALT="A banana framed by bananas"/>
A big pile of compost<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B254663" ALT="A big pile of compost"/>
Einstein eating a carrot<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B60493" ALT="Einstein eating a carrot"/>
Monster carrots<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B103178" ALT="Monster carrots"/>
Mouldy vegetables<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B96240" ALT="Mouldy vegetables"/>
Durian<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B478972" ALT="Durian"/>
Tomatoes<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B184156" ALT="Tomatoes"/>
Garlic<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B239793" ALT="Garlic"/>
Good things<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B558484" ALT="Good things"/>
A skull between two mushrooms<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B633578" ALT="A skull between two mushrooms"/>
A chopping board<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B479556" ALT="A chopping board"/>
a strip of four images showing how to prepare the perfect Halloween lantern<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B733724" ALT="a strip of four images showing how to prepare the perfect Halloween lantern"/>
A woman with fruit on her head holding up a fruity drink <PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B677789" ALT="A woman with fruit on her head holding up a fruity drink "/>
A man handling an orange in a very zen way <PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1135641" ALT="A man handling an orange in a very zen way"/>
A jar of pickled onions.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B1643801" ALT="A jar of pickled onions."/>
A bowl of salad.<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2181114" ALT="A bowl of salad."/>
Plump and juicy grapes<PICTURE EMBED="CENTER" BLOB="B2590892" ALT="Plump and juicy grapes"/>

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