Joseph Conrad

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A collection of excerpts from various works of Joseph Conrad, that once read, invoked instant images identified with my own experience. So precise and clear are these images, formed as they are by the purposeful selection and structure of words by the master, that they continue to reproduce same sensations when revisited.

No man succeeds at everything he undertakes. In that sense we are all failures. The great point is not to fail in ordering and sustaining the effort of our life. In this matter vanity is what leads us astray. It hurries us into situations from which we must come out damaged; whereas pride is our safeguard, by the reserve it imposes on the choice of our endevour as much as by the virtue of its sustaining power.

Joseph Conrad -- The Duel

He kept his gaze riveted upon her as a loving man watches the unselfish toil of a delicate woman upon the slender thread of whose existance is hung the whole meaning and joy of the world.

Joseph Conrad -- The Nigger of Narcissus

...and try as I may for the success of this yarn I am missing innumerable shades--they were so fine, so difficult to render in colourless words.

Joseph Conrad -- Lord Jim

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