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Of all the states within the 50 United, Texas is, by far, set apart from the rest. The local people are more than friendly and will offer you anything they have extra of. Extra tickets to the circus, an insider at the local toy distributor, or assistance with installing your newly purchased vertical blinds, there is no limit to the possibilities. Driving is not the fastest, and the people here seem to take their time while doing it, especially while making a turn. The landscape is picturesque with a different terrain in all corners of the state. As for entertainment, you could close Texas in a bubble and have something different to do through out your children’s lifetime. Once the Texas language has been mastered, you can travel anywhere in the state without fear of being detected as a tourist. Though another language is usually hard to master, you will find yourself speaking "Texan" rather quickly. In fact, those who attempt to keep their native language often fight a loosing battle when succumbing to this, almost symbiotic "Texas Drawl". And this is just the brief overview.

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