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The Millennium Dome, which has been described as "a beacon for all our futures", is a "landmark of outstanding proportions".

The Millennium Dome is an unsightly wok upturned upon Canary Wharf, glaring out across the water like a giant contraceptive diaphragm held in place with outsized knitting needles.

The Millennium Dome has been built to mark a highly significant calendar date.

The Millennium Dome, as a monument of celebration for Christ's 2000th birthday, ought to be opened on January 1st 2001 - if one trusts the Anno Domini time scheme - as that is the date on which we will truly enter the new Millennium. However, it is now widely held that the 6th Century scholar Dionysius Exiguus ( Denis the Little ) wrongly calculated Jesus' year of birth &- Christ's birth is now thought to have taken place in ( the somewhat ironic ) 6BC. Which would mean we ought to have celebrated the new Millennium on January 1st 1995.

The Millennium Dome is a positive symbol for Britain.

The Millennium Dome has been denounced by many as a garish symbol of commercialism, built as a showy demonstration to other nations of Britain's wealth and power. In December 1998 it was described by the Archbishop of York, Dr. Hope, as "a monument to human arrogance which contrasts starkly with the true meaning of the birth of Christ."

The Millennium Dome has attracted comparisons with Paris Eiffel Tower, which, when it was under construction, also suffered criticism from detractors whom claimed that it was an ugly waste of a colossal amount of money.

The Millennium Dome, unlike the Eiffel Tower, has not been built to last. Is it to be open from January 1st 2000, for one year. Which works out to be at a cost of nearly 24p per second, or £100 for each 6.9 lb.

The Millennium Dome, upon its sale at the end of this year, will be transformed into a dynamic entertainment complex, by the Japanese investors who have purchased it - included amongst the new attractions will be an inter-active Yellow Submarine ride.

The Millennium Dome has been sold off to this buyer at a price of £52 million, despite bids being tendered for closer to £125 million, as the lower price can be paid immediately. This money is now intended to be channelled back into the Dome, to prevent it from going bankrupt before Christmas. (This 'stay-afloat' package is in addition to a previous £140 million hand-out, made earlier in the year.)

The Millennium Dome is an encouragement to both modern art and modern sensibilities; its inside is dominated by a hollow 90 ft statue called The Body, depicting a "sensual, reclining woman appearing to cradle or comfort a half-man", said by the designer to reflect women's rise in power and improving gender politics.

The Millennium Dome's celebrations of the arts ( and justification of its existence ) ring as hollow as its centrepiece's statue. Which really only assigns dominant presence to the female as with only a half-man statue of that size visitors will not be met with a 4 foot penis.

The Millennium Dome is a mastery of design and construction, with a floor area of nearly 20 acres ( equivalent to two Wembley stadiums ) and the height of Nelson's Column.

The Millennium Dome is dominated by the corporate sponsorship which was helped to fund it - the outside approaches to the Dome are dominated by a 1,000 seater McDonalds, a company who have donated £12 million to the project.

The Millennium Dome celebrates life, religion and culture, under one expansive ( and expensive ) aeroplane-proof roof.

The Millennium Dome's then PR office in July of 1999, asked the Church of England to pay £50,000 for the "honour" of being the "preferred religious partner" of the Millennium Dome's official souvenir brochure, and allegedly told them that, if they refused, the same offer would be made to other religious groups. Including the Church of Scientology.

The Millennium Dome was built on reclaimed land, which had once been one of Europe's most polluted areas - the ground had stood undeveloped for over twenty years because a gasworks had contaminated the soil up to a depth of fourteen metres.

The Millennium Dome is built on what had once been one of Europe's most polluted areas. Still. It's better than an Indian burial ground, eh?

The Millennium Dome has created 2,500 jobs during the construction phase alone, and has severely boosted the local economy with 2/3 of the contracts being won by local businesses.

The Millennium Dome has lost a boggling amount of money, as projected vistor numbers continue to fall far below target.

The Millennium Dome will provide a focal point of celebration for the country, its history and future.

The Millennium Dome is an incredible waste of £758 million. Money poured into the Millennium Dome could have been far better spent on a Year 2000 grant/bonus for under-funded humanitarian institutions; schools, the NHS, homeless shelters, etc. The Dome will not provide a positive symbol for the future for those who cannot afford to visit it. It will not help to save lives, heat homes, or clothe children, and no matter what delights it holds, it still stands more as a symbol of capitalist greed & wanton commercialism than of a bright humanitarian future for the country which it is supposed to represent.

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