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Do you remember those classic hits, Lola, American Pie, Another one Bites the Dust? So do I just it's when I try to sing along with them I get it wrong. This is because of one man.

Werid Al, is responsible for parodying many of the greatest songs in existence. When I try to sing Lola, it always comes out as 'Y','O','D','A', Yoda. Worryingly, I enjoy his version more than I did the Kinks. I can't sing American Pie with out thinking "My, my, this here Anikin guy, maybe Vader, someday later, now he's just a small fry". As for Another one Bites the Dust? “I had to stand with the perverts in the back” somehow puts me off.

He is a legend in the music business, you can tell you are a star when he parodies one of your songs. Nirvana may not have been as big without he's inspirational "Smells like Nirvana". If you don’t quite make it he may just put you in a Polka, which is still a great compliment.

Once you hear one of his tracks you will be hooked. You won’t know why but you will want to keep listening, until you get sick of them. However, the only way you are ever going to find any of his tracks is on the net. No one, at least in the UK, stocks more than three of his albums in their shops.

My advice is if you don’t know who this man is, you must not try and listen to his music. YOU LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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