How to choose the best Mobility Scooter for you

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Mobility Scooters (yes, the ones that little old ladies drive and run you over with) come in many shapes and sizes. If you are lucky enough to have about £1000 in the bank, then you can go out and get yourself a mobility scooter (whether you actually need it or not).

The first thing to remember is that you are probably going to have to compromise. If you’re on the large size, then it is going to be highly unlikely that you will be able to have a lightweight scooter that can fit in to the boot of a small car. Also, if you want a lightweight scooter, then you’re going to have to realise that you won’t be able to travel miles and miles on it before it needs recharging. Likewise with the large scooters, don’t expect to be able to transport it in a car or store snugly in your hallway. But if you follow the following guidelines, then you will surely be able to pick a mobility scooter that suits your needs.

Step One – Size and weight:

How tall or heavy are you? If you are under 5ft and under 10 stone, then the smaller scooters or lightweight scooters would be fine. However, if you are over 5ft 6 and over 14 stone, then the medium to large scooters are much more suitable. Although some lightweight scooters have a weight limit of about 18 stone, if you are over even 12 stone then you will find them a tight fit, uncomfortable and they can even damage your knees if you are tall.

Step Two – Storage:

Where can you store the machine? These things take up space. Be realistic about where you can conceivably store the machine without it getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. If you have limited space to store the scooter, then you might have to consider a small fold up scooter. You therefore have to take into consideration the limitations of the lightweight scooters in regards to range and comfort. Don’t forget that you may require ramping into your property if you are storing it indoors. Don’t think that you can lift it over whatever step lies in your way. You’ll do your back in, as these things can be heavy.

Step Three – Transportation:

Do you want to transport the scooter in a car? Think seriously about this. If you think it might be a good idea, or will only be doing it once or twice a year then don’t bother at all. Get a medium or large sized scooter. If you will be transporting it on a regular basis, then make sure you test the scooter out before hand. There are many lightweight scooters on the market and they all fold up or break down in different ways. Make sure you are able to fold it up or break it down easily. If you have a large car and can fit a medium or small scooter in there easily, then don’t forget that you may require ramps to get the scooter the vehicle.

Step Four – Try before you buy:

There is nothing better then road testing the machine first, this can save you from ending up with a mobility scooter which is uncomfortable and useless. Make sure you test it thoroughly, making sure you can break it down if you need to, how easy the controls are and if you are actually able to drive it or not! If you follow these guidelines, then you are more likely to find a mobility scooter that you can enjoy for years to come.

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