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The symbol for Geminis is a set of twins. I have a twin here at H2G2 which is also me. Alpha_Cygni, another name for the star Deneb which is one of the brightest stars in the northern sky and part of the Northern Cross. You may have heard of the Southern Cross. It was in keeping with "The Galaxy" theme here.

Later I realized that I wanted my Internet friends to be able to find me. I have been using the name Arrietty on boards (Randi Rhodes Air America Radio message board) and in chat rooms (MSN) for about a year now. So Alpha Cygni and arrietty42 are both me.

As Alpha, I just started up a simple Suite (with frog) at the Hitchhiker's Hotel as a base for a Time search for Douglas. I may just do that all over again. Or I might move in to the room and take over from myself; that could get interesting!

I've also joined a load of clubs and societies today so you may see me in all kinds of places. Here is my current list:

Time Traveler

Foundation for Freedom from Faith

Fool's Guild

Random Quote Guild

Cult of Readers of the Dictionary

Climate Prediction Group

PUDDING - People United in Defence of
Depression, Irritability and Natural

Bookworms Club

Living Earth Society

In celebration of this confusion, here is what it said on a T shirt that my only sister gave me on my birthday (June 11th):

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I'm Schyzophrenic
And so am I.

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