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This project will generate an article which provides an introduction to the style of music known as "Baroque". It will also generate articles which examine some well-known examples of the style in depth.


To provide the reader with:
  • an improved understanding of this style of music
  • a new and pleasant way of listening to music from the Baroque era

First Article

An entry on Baroque Music - The History. This will cover the following aspects:
  • timespan of the Baroque era
  • major composers
  • major influences (people, countries, philosophies)
  • musical style and conventions
  • technical constraints

This article is:Baroque Music - covering article

Subsequent Articles

A total of four or five articles, each of which takes a specific work or composer from the Baroque era, and provides a contextual interpretation of that music. By refering to the original event or material which was the trigger for the composition, each article will show how the trigger can be "seen" within the music, thus providing the reader with new things to consider when next listening to that music.

The research team will agree the titles for these articles. Suggestions so far are:
  • Vivaldi's Four Seasons
  • J.S.Bach's Goldberg Variations

The articles in this set are as follows:
J.S.Bach's 'Goldberg' variations - hidden meanings

Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' - the hidden messages


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